Frequently Asked Questions

Can you custom print text on a rod?

Absolutely! We can add a name, boat name, or other ideas you may have. Custom print on our hand built rods make a fantastic gift and truly exemplify our "hand built, one at a time" dedication and craftsmanship for building exceptional, unique fishing rods.

What makes Maven rods different?

Our focus is to make the highest quality, unique rods one at a time for our customers instead of mass produced fishing rods like so many others. Our technology and dedication are beyond match world-wide.

What makes the pinstripe and color variations so special?

Fishing rods are typically built in a single color for simplicity and profits. Our pinstripe and multiple colors require multiple coats of paint and exceptional accuracy by experienced craftsmen.

Are you accepting dealer/wholesale inquiries?

Yes. If you'd like to discuss further, please contact us.

Do you have a Pro Program?

We sure do. If you'd like to learn more or apply, click here.