Auckland, NZ (1 December, 2020). Maven is excited to announce that Christiaan Pretorius has joined its Ambassador team.

Christiaan is a professional fishing guide who calls Namibia home, but travels to incredible fishing desinations around the world for eight or more months a year. Christiaan is known for his love of exploring remote, adventurous locations, having fished in 34 countries.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Christiaan to the Maven family. His warmth, energy and passion are a wonderful fit for our team,” said Gayleen Pratt, Maven founder.

With New Zealand firmly on his destination bucket list, Christiaan says he looks forward to returning to a full guiding calendar in 2021 and beyond with his stunning New Zealand made Maven rod collection. "Super pumped to be joining the Maven family. I am excited beyond words to push these rods to their limits and show you what they are capable of. With the 2021 season lining up to be a good one I am excited about this new venture.” says Christiaan Pretorius..


For more information, please contact Gayleen Pratt.
Gayleen Pratt, +64 9 480 3015

As at home on a super yacht as the local lake, Maven rods blend purist design aesthetics and an impeccable technical pedigree to create a modern classic.

Maven designs and manufactures its timeless rods in a modern facility in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed to provide the best for every fishing experience and available in six rod types – Gulf, Tasman, Firth, Pacific, Coast and Fly – Maven makes it simple to choose the perfect rod for whichever style of fishing you love.

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Christiaan Pretorius started fly-fishing at the age of six years old under the guidance of his father. Since that day as they say the rest is history.

Christiaan accepted the challenge to fully pursue a career in fly-fishing. His first real introduction to international travel and fly-fishing came when he was chosen to represent his country at the world fly-fishing championship held in Portugal. Since then Christiaan represented his country at seven World Fly fishing championships. His last World Championship was in Vail, Colorado in 2016.

In 2011 Christiaan made the huge commitment to pursue his passion in becoming a fulltime fly fishing guide. He started on the African continent guiding for Tiger fish and soon after got the opportunity to jump on a plane to go guide the Seychelles seasons. He spent a good couple of seasons on the turquoise blue flats of the Seychelles before another opportunity presented itself. Kamchatka, Russia, became home to Christiaan for three seasons together with Seychelles and a short season in Kola Peninsula. In combining these seasons Christiaan spent 250+ days guiding on the water for three years. Completely disconnected from the normal world for more than 8 months a year.

In 2014 Christiaan also joined up with The Fly Shop based in Redding California. He was presented the opportunity to become a travel ambassador for the company hosting groups to various destinations around the globe. Since then through guiding, hosting and exploratory trips, Christiaan has fished in 34 countries to date.

Apart from guiding Christiaan has also managed Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas for thee seasons. His passion in working with people and the amount of drive that Christiaan provides in a close environment is infectious. His passion sets him apart in so many ways. This is not a ‘Plan B’ for Christiaan but this is a career that Christiaan has been committed to since the day he made his first cast.

When not out on the water, Christiaan also spends much needed time with his wife Lindi. His other passions also include fly tying, photography, filming and bowhunting. He calls Namibia home but most of his fishing takes place abroad.