1-Piece 7'6" and 9' Fly Fishing Rods

Lighter, Sleeker, Sturdier, and More Accurate! 1-piece rods are hard to compare to the 4-piece travel rods. The new 1-piece Mavens provide a crisp & responsive feel and generate rocket-like line speed! 

Available in Mission 7'6" and Mission 9' rods.

Maven 1-Piece Fly Fishing Rods

Why Go with a 1 Piece Fly Rod?

Specifically designed for those dyed in the wool anglers, who live on the water, and fish close to home, rather than destination angling. The new 1-piece rods were created especially for those aggressive casters who aren't looking for just another "travel rod" to add to their arsenal. If fishing is part of your daily routine, and performance is more important than practicality or portability, the 1-piece rods are the way to go. Like all Maven's, each rod is made to order and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail.

At its foundation is a 1-piece, hand-rolled CTS blank, which has been carefully adorned with the highest quality Portuguese cork and CEREcoil guides. Our designs incorporate up to five different types of carbon in each blank. Each carbon type is placed at various parts of the blank to optimize strength and reduce weight. We’ve worked with our boutique carbon suppliers to continuously maintain the most cutting edge carbon/matrix systems. This results in the finished product being the lightest, strongest, slimmest, and most responsive rod possible, connecting you to the rod from grip to tip throughout the cast.

You won't believe the difference between a 1-piece and a multi-piece rod of the same weight until you cast one for yourself. All the familiarity of the standard 4-piece configuration, but in a smoother casting 1-piece blank!

Maven 1-Piece Fly Fishing Rod

No ferrules mean reduced weight and enhanced durability, not to mention and noticeably smoother energy transfer with no hinging in the tip section. Removing the ferrules also eliminates breakages due to ferrule or ferrule connection issues. The days of waxing and continually re-snugging rod sections are over. Confidently cast all day and forget about casting off rods sections. The 1-piece blank provides incredible power, with minimum force, effortlessly delivering large flies at greater distances.

Maven 1-Piece Fly Rod Sock

Each rod comes with a woven mesh rod sleeve designed to tightly wrap the entire rod preventing damage and rod tangles. The braided polyethylene construction provides for wide expandability allowing for easy on and off installation. Unlike cloth rod bags or socks, barbed hooks can be easily removed from the rugged filaments, which are virtually impervious to dirt and salt.


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